I haven't received my username and password

Your username and password details have been sent to the email address used when you purchased your membership. You may need to wait up to 15 minutes for your login details to start working if you just purchased your membership. It should be instant, but sometimes the Internet burps and things take a little longer than normal. If you used a bogus email address, made a mistake with your email address, or simply do not remember which email account you used, then please contact us directly.

Unblock our Support Emails

Please be sure to check your Spam folder within your email client. Spam filters love to eat our emails since our domain names include adult words. Allow (white list) through your Spam Filters. This will help ensure that all support emails, billing information, and login details will be delivered to you.

Below is a few of the popular online email services with direct instructions on how to white list email accounts so your Spam Filters stop eating important emails.

Gmail users
AOL users
Yahoo users

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