Types of Movies and Speeds

  • MPEG: This is full quality, full size video. You should RIGHT CLICK this file and select 'Save as' or 'Save Link As' or 'Save Target As'. Please be sure you remember what folder the file is in so you can view it from your hard drive later.
  • MPEG 56k: This is a reduced bandwidth version of the broadband MPEG feature. This does lower the quality of the video but the download time is much faster.
  • MPEG 56k Clips: In addition to having a contagious file, we also took the 56k mpeg file and cut it up into 3 MB sections accompanied with a screen shot of what the movie entails. This is ideal for those with a slow connection, or those who want to preview the video in sections of their choice before downloading the broadband file.
  • WMV: The WMV file is a streaming format for those of you who prefer this option. It requires little to average bandwidth to watch it. Make sure you left click the file and let it connect and buffer. Until the file is fully buffered, you will not be able to scan through the video. The length of the buffer speed is entirely contingent upon the speed of your connection and the memory your PC has.
  • LOW WMV: Choose this video if your modem speed is very slow. (14k through a slow 56k modem) This would be a dial up connection, a program you have to start to get on the Internet.
  • MEDIUM WMV: If you are on a strong 56k modem or a higher connection then this is a great video to watch. Even slower connections can watch this video it will just take more time to download.
  • HIGH WMV: This is a large screen video as well but at very good video compression. These videos can be DVD quality and can be used with most Home based DSL / Cable Internet Providers.
  • 640X480 WMV: These videos can range from 800-2000 bit rate and range from DVD to High-Def quality. Often these movies need a rather strong Internet connection to stream smoothly.

You can use Bandwidth Speed Test to help get an idea at how fast your Internet connection is. For instance my speed is 7.6 megabits per second. That is on the higher side of average.

Windows Media Player is required to view our videos. Download the latest version of Windows Media Player, or download Windows Media Codec.

MAC USERS: We recommend you Download Windows Media Player for MAC! If that does not help, you can try a product called Flip 4 Mac will help make WMV videos play on Macintosh Computers.

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